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Security Tag Detachers

Security Tag Detachers and Removers for all Checkpoint Sensormatic and others

Here you can find security tag detachers and tag removers for all types of Sensormatic and Checkpoint security tags.

There are Magnetic Detachers that will remove all types of magnetic release security tags and ink tags.

For Sensormatic Gator tags there is the Gator Detacher or MK90 Power Detacher. for Ultragator, Microgator, Fashion Tags

For the Sensormatic SuperTags select the MK225 / AMD- 3040 Hand Detacher. or the Super Tag Power Detacher

Both Detachers can remove the following: Sensormatic SuperTag,  Sensormatic SuperTag II,  Sensormatic Super Tag III,  Sensormatic Combo Super Tag,  SuperTag Mini, and Sensormatic VST Super Tag

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